Engraving by W. Byrne: “A View of KaraKakooa, in Owyhee”, 17 January 1779







The history of the Hawaiian Islands is unique and fascinating. Discovered by Captain James Cook in 1778 it eventually became a place of thriving commerce. After conquering and uniting the Hawaiian islands the Kamehameha Monarchy promoted trade with United States and Europe embracing western influence, which fueled economic change and development.

Daguerreotype of the Kamehameha royal family of Hawaii, ca. 1853. Left to right: Kamehameha III (center) and his wife, Queen Kalama (right); Kamehameha IV (right rear), Kamehameha V (left rear) and their sister, Victoria Kamamalu (left). Source: Bernice P. Bishop Museum

Part of this economic development can be seen in through the bottles that arrived to Hawaii’s shores providing one perspective of Hawaii’s past.