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Earlier today I ran across and interesting article describing an old time Hawaiian bottle collector Ozzie Kotani.  I found it on a blog written by Ron Jacobs who also is a collector.  His article takes you on a journey of collecting bottles back in the 1970’s. For those collecting bottles in Hawaii during that time I’m sure those were the, “Good ‘ol days”, with many stories of exciting finds. Take time to read the article and comment on what you think.

Ozzie Kotani Article

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  1. Allison Kaua says:

    Alpha Ozzie!
    My name is Allison Kauai and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I wanted to know if you would be interested in buying:
    2 Half Gallon Ishimine Kohala Dairy Clear Glass Milk Bottles
    2 Half Pint Ishimine Kohala Dairy Clear Glass Milk Bottles
    with the original milk bottle caps included?
    If You are interested please call me at 808-785-1046 or text me or email me at:
    Thank You Mr. Kotani!!!

  2. Allison Kaua says:

    Hi Ozzie Correction Grammar Mispelling on my previous post to you are as follows:
    Mispelled Correction
    Alpha Aloha
    Kauai Kaua

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